Platform Design Principles
The platform is being built as a Digital Public Good and follows a key set of design principles
  • Single Source of Truth
    • Data resides in multiple systems across departments and getting an integrated, consistent and disaggregated view of data is imperative.
  • Federated
    • Central, State and Local Governments represent the federated structure of government. This federated structure must be taken into cognisance while designing systems that enable intergovernmental information exchange.
  • Unbundled
    • Break down complex systems into smaller manageable and reusable parts that are evolvable and scale independently.
  • Minimum
    • Minimum data attributes that have a well-defined purpose is mandatory; everything else is optional.
  • Privacy and Security
    • Ensuring the privacy of citizens, employees and users while ensuring the system security.
  • Performance at Scale
    • The system is designed to perform at scale.
  • Open Standards
    • The system is based on open standards so that it is easy to discover, comprehend, integrate, operate and evolve.
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